On the beautiful coast of Flanders, is a city where you can enjoy gastronomic delicacies. Ostend has a long culinary tradition, influenced by French and German cuisine.
In this city you can discover why the gastronomy in Ostend combines the quality of French cuisine with the quantity of German dishes.

It is recommended to visit the typical "frietkot". These are small places where you can eat the famous fries, a perfect option to have a bite to eat along the way.
One of the must-have dishes in this coastal town are the Ostend oysters and Ostend shrimps and seasonally the mussels a true delicacy. These oysters used to be very popular with the rich and famous until the oyster ponds reopened and they became available in restaurants and fish shops throughout Ostend.

A classic and popular dish is the Ostend tomato crevette. This should certainly not be missed when visiting our coastal town. Every day you can buy delicious fresh fish at the well-known open air 'Vistrap' in Ostend.
Of course you will find restaurants serving French and German dishes in Ostend, but you will also find incredible Belgian, Spanish and Asian bistros and cafes.
In Ostend you can be sure of an exceptional gastronomic experience with the best regional products. There is no better place to taste the delicacies of the Belgian coast than in Ostend.