A construction project involves organizing and orchestrating a large number of elements that need to fit with one another at the right time, cost and shape. This is where project developer Renty & Vanhoutte comes in.
Since the majority of people do not have the time, knowledge and experience to lead and deal with a construction, Renty & Vanhoutte step in to develop your construction project in a professional and efficient manner.

The following are some of the most important benefits of working with Renty & Vanhoutte.

Continuous guidance and support

We have plenty of experience in planning and controlling the planned budget, which results in high quality homes at a great price.
Each construction is a very personal matter for us, as we know the perfect home begins with the construction planning. This is why we guide you in all steps of the construction process and ensure the result matches your desires. 

Passion and experience for optimum living comfort

At Groep Renty & Vanhoutte we specialize in offering you homes and apartments with a beautiful contemporary design.
We choose smart, centric and easily accessible locations for our constructions, so you can enjoy living within a walking distance of shops, public transport, schools, restaurants and work opportunities.

Quality guaranteed

We take the time to understand your desires and your planned vision for that perfect home and we translate it into the specifications for the construction.
The specifications become the blueprints for the building and they are followed in every step of our process, ensuring that you can receive the highest quality in construction.
Everything from the choice of materials, the colour, the dimensions and the processing is chosen and performed with the highest quality and always with the vision of your dream home, that only Renty & Vanhoutte can offer you.